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Best Flowers Arrangements for Sending to the Hospital

Sending a magnificent, colorful, and uplifting flower arrangement to those in the hospital is a beautiful gesture. This act of sending flowers to express our feelings of encouragement, love, positivity, or hope stems from the Victorian Era. During this time period, it was highly uncommon to verbally convey emotions. Therefore, flowers became a tool as different blooms have various symbols and meanings that prove to be perfect for any occasion. 

If you know someone who is in the hospital and want to cheer them up with a beautiful bouquet of flowers, then you’ve come to the right place. Here at Rose Bud Flowers, Mobile’s top flower shop, we detail the best types of flowers to send to the hospital and how below. Keep reading to discover how to cheer up a loved one who could definitely use it. 

Send this wildly perfect flower bouquet of sunflowers, blue delphiniums, and greenery of seeded eucalyptus in a blue cube vase to someone you want to give the gift of land and sky to.

Land Meets Sky

Tips for Sending Flowers to Someone in the Hospital

Since the hospital is a large facility with many people and many patients, sending flowers here requires a bit more thought and insight than if you were to send flowers anywhere else. Below are some important things to keep in mind when choosing a floral gift for your loved one in the hospital. 

  • Choose allergy-free flowers. Since the hospital is a busy place with a lot of people running around, you don’t want to risk aggravating someone’s allergies with pollen-filled flowers. Also, some people are highly sensitive to overly fragrant flowers like stargazer lilies, so nix those as well. The best types of flowers for hospitals are hypoallergenic ones such as roses, hydrangea, lilies, orchids, hyacinth, daffodils, snapdragons, and tulips.
  • Send a low-maintenance plant. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. Once released from the hospital, your loved one can take the plant home with them where it will continue to provide air-purifying and healthy benefits to them. 
  • Go small rather than big. A large arrangement of flowers, though impressive, could hinder a doctor’s or nurse’s access to the patient. Keep it on the small side. 
  • Choose bright flowers. This is a priority. Being in a hospital can be lonely and depressing so be sure to choose blooms that are vibrant, bright, and color so they radiate cheer and happiness. 
  • Choose durable containers. With the hustle and bustle that often happens in a patient’s room, be sure your flowers are in a durable container that won’t break if the arrangement gets knocked to the floor. 

Choose Flowers with Meaning

Beyond color, shape, and scent, certain flowers are also associated with rich symbolism and meanings. Make your floral gift more meaningful by sending flowers associated with good luck, good health, and longevity to your loved one in the hospital. Flowers that symbolize good luck and good health are Snapdragons, Wax Flowers, Sunflowers, Delphiniums, Hydrangeas, Larkspur, and Lilies. 

How to Send Flowers to the Hospital

Once you’ve selected the perfect bouquet to send to your loved one in the hospital, follow the below steps to make sure they get received. 

  1. Call the hospital to make sure they accept flower deliveries. 
  2. Ask the hospital if they have a preferred day and time for flower deliveries. 
  3. When placing your order with a local florist, provide the recipient’s full name and room number. Next, provide the hospital name and address.

If you need any help or have additional questions, consult your local florist. They are experts at all things flowers and regularly send them to hospitals. Your florist will make sure your loved one receives the best, most beautiful, and uplifting bouquet to brighten their mood.

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