Rose Bud Flowers

Rose Bud Flowers

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Welcome To Our New Blog

Centerpiece Rose Bud Flowers opened two blocks from its present location in Mobile in January 1981 by Allen and Sheila Kirksey. In 1995 the owners designed and built a new building just down the street from its original store. Allen and Sheila continued a tradition of exceptional customer service with an emphasis on quality products at the best value that would lead The Rose Bud to success in the future.

Throughout its operation, The Rose Bud continues to invest in the most advanced technology available to our industry. Our technological capabilities create the necessary efficiency within the organization to provide our clients with the level of professional service they deserve and we demand in an increasingly technological marketplace.

At Rose Bud Flowers, we compete strongly with the finest designers, retailers and service providers around the world in the areas of design, service and presentation. We strive to provide our customers with the highest standard of quality in product, design, service and presentation while never forgetting value.

pink rose We believe in exceeding customer expectations. We custom select flower shops in cities across the country with the highest qualification and capabilities to satisfy the most discriminating customer. Most florists we affiliate with have been personally selected to serve on our “Preferred Florist” list that we refer to when sending orders that are not in our delivery area. You can rest assured when you place an order with The Rose Bud, our satisfaction guarantee is always included.

Once you place your first order with The Rose Bud, we maintain any special information and all addresses of your recipients for your future use. Next time, all you need to do is make a selection and give us a name! Easy as that!

vaseSimply let us know your list of special occasions you wish to be reminded of and we won’t let you forget them. Our staff will be happy to notify you of special dates or occasions by email, standard mail, or phone. Call today and give us your list, or register online and set on up today! We won’t let you forget anyone!