Harvest Garden

Radiant autumn flowers including roses and sunflowers make up this beautiful centerpiece.

Harvest Garden is like an ode to the golden days of autumn, where nature dons its most vibrant attire and the air is imbued with a nostalgic warmth. This centerpiece is a celebration of the season's bounty and beauty. The roses, with their timeless elegance, speak of love, gratitude, and the transient nature of time. Their delicate petals, whether in deep crimson or a muted blush, evoke the essence of autumnal sunsets, fleeting yet unforgettable.

But what truly anchors the Harvest Garden and gives it its sun-kissed glow are the sunflowers. These blooms are like little suns themselves, radiating joy, hope, and positivity. Their broad, golden faces, turned towards the sun, symbolize loyalty and adoration. They bring to the arrangement a rustic charm, reminiscent of countryside fields where sunflowers stand tall, swaying gently in the autumn breeze. Paired with roses, the sunflowers add depth and dimension, creating a landscape of contrasting textures and hues. The entire ensemble sits as a centerpiece, not just as a decorative element, but as a focal point that draws people in, encourages conversations, and spreads warmth. Harvest Garden is not merely an arrangement; it's a journey into the heart of autumn, capturing the season's essence in every bloom and petal. Perfect for those cozy family dinners or simply to bask in the season's glow, it's a piece that fills spaces with love, light, and a touch of nostalgia.

Approximately 14" W by 7" H

As Shown: TMF-386

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