Various colorful flowers are densely arranged, forming a vibrant floral display with hues of pink, yellow, white, and purple. The flowers overlap, filling the entire frame with rich textures and details.

All About Birth Flowers

A fresh bouquet of soft pinks, whites and purples, gently laid upon a wooden table

Fun Facts & Meanings About Birth Flowers, Birthstones, and Zodiac Signs

Did you know each month has its own specially designated flower? Like birthstones and zodiac signs, birth month flowers carry special meaning and significance that provide insight into the personality of people born during that month.

Knowing each month's birth flower can help you gift a beautiful flower arrangement that's extra meaningful. Refer to our comprehensive summary below that lists all the months and their designated flower, birthstone, and zodiac sign.

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A glowing ram stands on the left, while a person pours water from a jug on the right, set against a dark starry background.

Zodiac Sign:
Capricorn (Until the 19th), Aquarius

Pink carnations blooming abundantly among green leaves in a garden setting, showcasing their ruffled petals and delicate beauty.

Birth Flower: Carnation

Meaning: A frilly yet sturdy flower that brings a touch of brightness to the gloomy winter months, the carnation symbolizes love, strength, admiration, healing, and protection.

A faceted red gemstone lies on a rough, stone surface, displaying a vibrant, reflective brilliance amidst an earthy background.

Birthstone: Garnet

Meaning: One of the oldest known gemstones, garnet is a deep red-colored gem associated with love, friendship, inner fire, and life force.


Yellow-gold line drawings on a dark blue background depict a man pouring water from a jug and two fish swimming in a circular pattern.

Zodiac Sign:
Aquarius (until the 18th), Pisces

Purple pansy flowers bloom amidst green foliage outdoors. The petals display a gradient from deep purple margins to white centers with a yellow accent.

Birth Flower: Violet

Meaning: The beautiful, purple-hued violet has heart-shaped petals and symbolizes love, modesty, faithfulness, spiritual wisdom, and virtue.

Raw amethyst crystals rest in a wooden bowl on a textured wooden surface.

Birthstone: Amethyst

Meaning: A variety of quartz, amethyst comes in a lovely purple color similar to the violet flower. The purple amethyst gemstone symbolizes royalty, power, and wealth and is often found in crowns and royal jewelry.


Two glowing constellation illustrations of Pisces (two fish) and Capricorn (a goat) against a dark starry sky backdrop.

Zodiac Sign:
Pisces (until the 20th), Aries

Yellow and white daffodils bloom in a cluster outdoors, surrounded by green stems and blurred foliage, under bright sunlight.

Birth Flower: Daffodil

Meaning: Daffodils are bright, light, and cheery flowers that bloom at the beginning of spring. A symbol that winter is over, daffodils have come to signify hope, rebirth, new beginnings, and happiness.

Aquamarine crystals lie scattered on a dark surface, each displaying unique internal fractures and facets, casting a luminous, almost ethereal glow.

Birthstone: Aquamarine

Meaning: A beautiful blue gem comprised of the two words "aqua" (water) and "marina" (the sea), it was often given to sailors to wish them good luck on the seas and a safe voyage.


Two glowing, outlined constellation symbols, one of a mountain goat and the other of a bull, displayed on a dark, star-sprinkled background.

Zodiac Sign:
Aries (until the 19th), Taurus

White daisies with yellow centers bloom amidst green leaves, filling the entire frame and creating a vibrant, natural scene.

Birth Flower: Daisy & Sweet Pea

Meaning: Both of these pretty flowers represent purity, innocence, true love, and blissfulness. Either of these blooms will brighten someone's day.

A brilliant-cut diamond resting on a rough, dark-textured surface, reflecting a spectrum of light, highlighting its facets and clarity amidst the contrast of its rugged backdrop.

Birthstone: Diamond

Meaning: Due to their rarity and being one of the hardest minerals on Earth, diamonds represent strength, love, and beauty. They are most commonly associated with engagement rings.


Bull and twin figures appear drawn in glowing gold lines against a dark, starry backdrop. Twins are kneeling and holding a circle featuring the Gemini symbol.

Zodiac Sign:
Taurus (until the 20th), Gemini

Clusters of small, white, bell-shaped flowers bloom on thin green stalks, set against a blurred, green and brown background. The flowers appear delicate and numerous, creating a soft, natural scene.

Birth Flower: Lily of the Valley

Meaning: A delicate, beautiful flower, lily of the valley grows in a cluster of small, white, bell-shaped blooms. A popular wedding flower among royals, it symbolizes humility, purity, happiness, motherhood, and a fulfilling life.

Three polished green gemstones resting on a dark, textured surface. The stones are smooth and semi-transparent, reflecting light in a dimly lit setting.

Birthstone: Emerald

Meaning: A favorite gemstone of Cleopatra, the emerald has a complex and deep symbolism with true love and wealth among the primary meanings.


Two outlined figures kneel, holding a disc with a Gemini symbol, and an outlined crab stands below; set on a dark speckled background resembling a starry night sky.

Zodiac Sign:
Gemini (until the 20th), Cancer

Red roses in full bloom, layered closely together, form a vibrant and intricate floral arrangement, creating a rich texture with their overlapping petals.

Birth Flower: Rose

Meaning: The rose is universally known as the symbol of love. Each color has its own meaning, though, such as white for purity and innocence, yellow for joy and friendship, and pink for grace and joy.

A single, shiny pearl rests inside an open oyster shell, surrounded by a soft, pearlescent, and slightly textured background.

Birthstone: Pearls

Meaning: These beautiful sea gems symbolize wisdom gained through experience, luck, and protection. They are also widely known to represent purity and loyalty, which is why many brides wear pearls on their wedding day.


A neon outline of a crab and a lion are displayed against a dark blue, starry background, representing constellations in the night sky.

Zodiac Sign:
Cancer (until the 22nd), Leo

Bright pink and purple flowers bloom in a vast field under a clear blue sky, with green foliage scattered among them, creating a vibrant and colorful landscape.

Birth Flower: Larkspur

Meaning: Larkspur blooms in vibrant hues of purple, pink, indigo, and white, and they represent love, affection, grace, and happiness, respectively.

A faceted red gemstone lies on a surface of overlapping dark, matte leaves. The vibrant gem contrasts sharply with the muted background.

Birthstone: Ruby

Meaning: From the Latin word for red, "rubeus," the deep blood red-colored ruby symbolizes life, blood, courage, and protection.


Two zodiac signs glow on a starry night sky. The left depicts a lion standing majestically, and the right shows a woman gently holding a lamb, symbolizing Leo and Virgo.

Zodiac Sign:
Leo (until the 22nd), Virgo

Pink and yellow gladiolus flowers bloom vibrantly, surrounded by blurred greenery and other flowers in various colors, under bright sunlight.

Birth Flower: Gladiolus

Meaning: Blooming throughout the hot days of August, this tall flower has exotic-shaped blooms in a variety of vibrant colors. This flower is symbolic of persistence, integrity, strength of character, and honesty.

An oval-cut, faceted yellow-green gemstone rests on a smooth, silvery-gray surface with a metal object nearby.

Birthstone: Peridot

Meaning: An ancient and unique light green gem, peridot symbolizes harmony, compassion, good health, and protection.


A glowing illustration shows a woman kneeling, petting an animal beside a pot, with a nearby set of scales, set against a starry night background.

Zodiac Sign:
Virgo (until the 22nd), Libra

Purple aster with a vibrant yellow center blooming amidst a lush, green background.

Birth Flower: Aster

Meaning: This star-shaped flower blooms year-round with particularly vibrant-colored petals in September. These spirited blooms represent love, patience, stability, and affection.

A faceted, deep blue gemstone rests on a bed of translucent white pebbles, reflecting light and showcasing its intricate cuts and vibrant color.

Birthstone: Sapphire

Meaning: Often associated with the heavens, this deep blue-colored gem represents spiritual truth, wisdom, serenity, and purity.


A neon outline of scales and a scorpion against a dark starry background, symbolizing Libra and Scorpio zodiac signs.

Zodiac Sign:
Libra (until the 22nd), Scorpio

Bright orange marigold flowers cluster together in varied stages of bloom amid deep green leaves in a sunlit garden setting.

Birth Flower: Marigold

Meaning: Bright, radiantly golden, and festive, marigolds symbolize optimism, determination, creativity, and prosperity.

A vibrant, multi-colored opal gemstone, held by silver tweezers against a black background, displays hues of blue, green, pink, and yellow.

Birthstone: Opal

Meaning: This multi-colored stone symbolizes hope, love, and protection.


Glowing outlines of a scorpion and a centaur holding a bow, set against a dark starry sky.

Zodiac Sign:
Scorpio (until the 21st), Sagittarius

Clusters of fully bloomed, lush pink chrysanthemums tightly packed together, with layered petals creating a dense floral display. The background consists of more blurred pink chrysanthemums and green foliage.

Birth Flower: Chrysanthemum

Meaning: These brightly-colored and cheerful flowers represent friendship, compassion, happiness, and longevity.

A yellow, pear-shaped gemstone lies on a textured, rocky surface, reflecting light with its multiple facets.

Birthstone: Topaz

Meaning: This striking yellow gem is associated with honor, strength, health, and protection.


Two yellow-outlined zodiac constellations against a dark blue starry background: a centaur archer aiming an arrow (Sagittarius) to the left and a ram (Aries) below.

Zodiac Sign:
Sagittarius (until the 21st), Capricorn

Yellow-centered white daffodil flowers bloom in close-up, their petals radiant and delicate, set against a backdrop of blurred green foliage and other flowers.

Birth Flower: Narcissus

Meaning: The attractive trumpet-shaped narcissus flower symbolizes wealth, good wishes, sweetness, and hope.

Vibrant blue, polished turquoise stones with dark vein patterns clustered together in a close-up arrangement.

Birthstone: Turquoise

Meaning: Regarded as a love charm, turquoise also represents good fortune, success, and protection.

The language of flowers is a great way to show someone how much you care about them in a visually stunning, fragrant, and beautifully fresh way. Sending someone a bouquet of their birth flower will always be a welcome gift.

Hopefully, you have found this chart of birth flowers, birthstones, and their meanings helpful. It's a useful guide in selecting flowers or other gifts for your loved ones. If you'd like to send a bouquet of flowers inspired by someone's birthstone color, then request our Designer's Choice option. One of our talented floral design professionals will create a unique, custom-designed bouquet of fresh blooms for the lucky recipient. Or, choose from our selection of expertly designed seasonal blooms. For all your flower needs, Rose Bud Flowers is your go-to local florist for quality and exceptional service.

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