Lilies in Blue

Blue and white blooms with a natural touch of willow and foliage.

There's an ethereal elegance that comes to mind when imagining this lily arrangement, where blue and white dance together in harmony. Lilies, often associated with purity and grace, shine brilliantly in white. Their trumpet-like blooms, with petals that cascade gently outward, exude an aura of serenity and refinement. Their fragrant blossoms captivate the senses, evoking memories of moonlit nights and serene landscapes.

Complementing the pristine white lilies are the blue blooms. These flowers, with their deep, mesmerizing hues, bring depth and contrast to the arrangement. Their presence is reminiscent of a tranquil ocean or a clear summer sky, offering a cooling respite to the eyes and soul. The inclusion of willow and foliage adds a touch of earthiness to the ensemble. The willow, with its slender and graceful branches, weaves through the flowers, giving the arrangement a whimsical and organic feel. Its natural curves and bends echo the rhythms of nature, creating a sense of movement and spontaneity. Meanwhile, the foliage frames the blooms, adding layers of texture and a lush green backdrop that accentuates the beauty of the lilies and blue flowers. This arrangement is more than just a collection of flowers; it's a symphony of colors, textures, and emotions. The harmonious blend of blue and white, combined with the natural touch of willow and foliage, makes it a piece that resonates with tranquility and sophistication. It's the kind of arrangement that not only beautifies a space but also soothes the spirit and celebrates the wonders of nature.

Approximately  8"W X 12"H

As Shown: TMF14-279

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