Loop Dee Loop

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A pleasing combination of roses and alstroemeria with a collar of greens.

The Loop Dee Loop red floral arrangement is like a passionate symphony set in the language of blooms. With roses taking center stage, there's an unmistakable aura of love and ardor that this ensemble exudes. Roses, with their deep red hues, speak the age-old tales of romance and devotion. Their velvety petals, layered in concentric circles of beauty, are a testament to the intricate mysteries of the heart. Each rose bloom seems to hold within its folds whispers of cherished moments and promises of tomorrow.

Accompanying the roses is the alstroemeria, often known as the Peruvian lily. Their presence adds depth and dimension to the arrangement. With their speckled petals and diverse shades, alstroemerias weave a narrative of friendship and commitment, complementing the strong sentiments of the roses. Their elongated shape and intricate patterns bring a delightful contrast, making each flower distinct yet harmonious within the arrangement. But what truly sets Loop Dee Loop apart is the collar of greens that frames the red blooms. This verdant embrace adds a fresh and lively touch to the fiery red ensemble. The greens, possibly a mix of ferns, eucalyptus, or ruscus, offer a cool respite, creating a beautiful balance in the arrangement. Their wispy and cascading nature forms loops and curves, playfully intertwining with the flowers, adding a sense of movement and dynamism.

Approximately 9"W X 12"H

As Shown: TMF14-253

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