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This stunning creation from Rose Bud Flowers in Mobile, Alabama! There's something incredibly captivating about the fusion of the Southern charm of roses with the exotic allure of tropical foliage. The choice of orange for the roses is particularly striking, invoking sentiments of warmth, energy, and passion. These roses, with their vivacious hue, aren't just flowers; they're fiery statements of admiration and enthusiasm. Each bloom, with its layers of velvety petals, seems to smolder with an inner flame, capturing the very essence of a sultry summer sunset. Enter the tropical foliage, which acts as the perfect contrasting backdrop to the brilliance of the orange roses. These leaves, possibly monstera or palm, with their bold shapes and rich green colors, bring a touch of the exotic and wild. They evoke images of faraway lands, dense rainforests, and sun-kissed beaches. Their presence adds depth and drama to the arrangement, turning it into a miniature jungle where the orange roses stand tall, like fiery torches lighting up the verdant expanse.

Together, this combination from Rose Bud Flowers tells a story of adventure and romance. It's a dance between the familiar and the mysterious, the classic and the exotic. As the saying goes, in every dramatic design lies a tale waiting to be told, and this one speaks of passion, adventure, and undeniable beauty.

Approximately 9"W X 18"H

As Shown: TMF14-261

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