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Orchids and roses designed with a flair make this a royal combination.

Royalty from Rose Bud is truly a floral masterpiece fit for a queen or king! Orchids and roses, two of the most iconic and luxurious blooms, come together in this arrangement to create an impression of grandeur and elegance. Orchids, with their exotic charm and delicate structure, have long been associated with refinement and opulence. Their unique forms, dancing gracefully atop slender stems, evoke a sense of mystery and enchantment. On the other hand, roses, timeless symbols of love, romance, and beauty, lend the arrangement its classic touch, making it resonate with tales of age-old passions and fairy-tale love stories. Designed with a royal flair, this arrangement doesn't just sit quietly; it holds court in any space it graces. Imagine the deep purples, reminiscent of regal robes, combined with the pristine whites and passionate reds of the roses, each color telling a story of power, grace, and devotion. The overall look and feel of Royalty are undoubtedly opulent.

It's the kind of arrangement that evokes the splendor of palaces, the allure of ballroom dances, and the grandeur of coronations. For those moments when you want to make someone feel truly special, to celebrate their regality in your life, Royalty from Rose Bud is the way to go. It's not just flowers; it's an experience, a declaration of admiration worthy of royalty.

Approximately 9"W X 15"H

As Shown: TMF13-273

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