Tender Love

Beautiful lilies and roses combine with accent flowers and foliage for thoughts of tender love. 

Tender Love from Rose Bud Flowers seems like it would be a true delight to the senses, a floral arrangement that embodies the gentle caress of affection. Picture this: beautiful lilies, with their trumpet-like blossoms, unfurling in a display of elegance and purity. These are not just any lilies, but ones that carry the weight of tradition and symbolism, often associated with devotion and humility. Now, blend that with the timeless beauty of roses. Roses, as you know, are the universal messengers of love. Their velvety petals, each layer unfolding like the layers of one's heart, speak in hushed tones of passion and desire.

The lilies with their poised grace, and roses with their deep wells of emotion, are paired not just with each other, but with an array of accent flowers and foliage that play the role of the perfect backdrop. It's a floral arrangement that not only captures the eye but also encapsulates the tender dance of love in its most delicate form.

Approximately 8" (W) x 14"(H)

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