Tender Passion

Beautiful lilies and roses combine with accent flowers and foliage for thoughts of tender passion. 

Tender Passion, as envisioned by Rose Bud Flowers, carries a narrative that’s both vivid and stirring. In this bouquet, the beautiful lilies stand tall, their petals reaching out like open arms, symbolizing a welcoming embrace filled with warmth and enthusiasm. Their stately appearance doesn't just command attention but also speaks a language of devotion and fervor that's as endearing as it is profound. Coupling these with roses, you stir a dialogue of contrasts and complements. Roses, with their layers upon layers of petals, are like the complex emotions of a passionate heart—deep, intricate, and mesmerizing. These elements work in harmony to create a tableau that speaks to the soul. Together, this ensemble doesn't just speak of passion; it sings of it. It’s a testament to the fiery dance between two entities, with each flower, each leaf, adding its voice to the chorus, resulting in a display that’s as much a feast for the eyes as it is a balm for the passionate soul.

Approximately 12" (W) x 18"(H)

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