Tender Caress

Beautiful lilies and roses combine with accent flowers and foliage for thoughts of a tender caress. 

Tender Caress is a floral arrangement that seems to encapsulate the gentle touch of affection. The bouquet features beautiful lilies and roses, a classic combination that speaks to the heart. The lilies, with their large, trumpet-shaped blooms, exude a sense of purity and majesty. Their soft pink hue brings a delicate touch to the arrangement, suggestive of the tenderness one might find in a gentle embrace. The roses, vibrant in their rich red color, stand as timeless symbols of love and romance. Each petal of the rose seems to hold a silent promise of care and devotion, perfectly complementing the lilies' elegance.

Accent flowers and foliage are thoughtfully interspersed among the lilies and roses, creating a lush backdrop that highlights the beauty of the main blooms. The greenery adds fullness to the arrangement, a verdant reminder of life's vibrancy and the nurturing touch of nature. Together, the elements of Tender Caress combine to form a visual representation of a loving touch—soft, reassuring, and full of affection. Whether given as a gift or displayed as a personal reminder of love's gentle power, this arrangement is a celebration of the subtle yet profound connections that touch our lives.

Approximately 8" (W) x 16"(H)

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