Beautiful Butterfly Simple Surround

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Butterflies surround the urn of your loved one as a sign of hope and love.

This urn surround, adorned with an array of flowers and butterflies, is a poignant and symbolic gesture that encapsulates hope, transformation, and enduring love. The butterflies, with their delicate wings and varied colors, circle the urn as if in an ethereal dance of remembrance and celebration of life. In many cultures, butterflies are seen as spirits or souls of the departed, and their presence in this arrangement brings comfort, suggesting the soul's ongoing journey in a realm beyond our own.

The flowers, carefully chosen for their soft textures and gentle hues, complement the lightness of the butterflies. Carnations and mums, each bloom a soft burst of color, contribute to the surround's overall softness and beauty. Their varied shades of pink and creams create a tender palette that speaks to the heart. The greenery interspersed amongst the blooms provides a backdrop of life and continuity, their lushness a testament to the enduring nature of memories and the perpetual cycle of life.

Approximately 16" in diameter

As Shown: TMF-806

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