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Enjoy the Awe-Inspiring Jewel-Toned Colors of Fall with These Autumnal Blooms

As we anticipate the arrival of the fall season, we can’t help but think of all the wonderful colors of fall that paint the landscape around us. The typical hues of warm oranges, deep reds, golden yellows, and muted purples flash through our minds. Besides fall foliage, the gorgeous colors of autumn are also reflected in many home decor and fashion trends. Every year there are new “hot” colors of fall and the Pantone Color Institute leads the way with their fall color trends forecast. For 2021, they’ve put together a list of trendy tones playfully named to inspire all of us to embrace the wonderful time of year that is fall. 

Keeping up with style trends, the floral experts at Rose Bud Flowers, love incorporating fall-colored blooms and seasonal flowers into our designs. Keep reading to discover the Fall Colors of 2021 and the blooms that match!

Find Fall’s Trendiest Colors in These Beautiful Blooms

Green Hues

Pantone’s bold green “leprechaun” hue and soft, muted “olive branch” hue are refreshing and comforting. Discover green florals in the same shades by looking at green hydrangea, orchids, succulents, mums, and natural greenery.

Blue Hues

Mykonos Blue, Rhodonite, and Spring Lake make up Pantone’s blue selections for this fall. They vary from mid-tone blue to dark blue to deep, dark blue. All gorgeous and all sure to be a hit on the runway. Enjoy blue fall florals with delphinium, hydrangea, hyacinth, bellflowers, cornflowers, and forget-me-nots.

Yellow Hues

We usually see a lot of yellow this time of year both in nature and in interior design and decor. With Pantone’s “illuminating yellow” being named one of the top 2021 colors of the year, it comes as no surprise to find this uplifting, happy, h3, and hopeful hue in their neup of trendy fall colors. Fall flower arrangements often consist of yellow roses, sunflowers, yellow mums, yellow daisies, gladiolus, and fun craspedia billy balls.

Pink Hues

This year Pantone believes shades of pink will pop up this fall. Not a typical fall color, but we’ll take it! Their “fuchsia fedora” and “pale rosette” add flirty and graceful elements to the season. Join in on the trend with flowers that bloom in the color pink such as roses, alstroemeria, carnations, lilies, calla lilies, mums, and gladiolus.

Red Hues

Pantone’s “fire whirl” is a vigorous, bold shade of red we’ll see everywhere this season. To support this autumn favorite, fill your home with red seasonal blooms such as dahlias, mums, carnations, roses, and celosia.

White Hues

Off-white tones are being incorporated into autumn fashion and home decor this year with Pantone’s “coconut cream” and “soybean.” Do the same with flowers by getting an arrangement with white hydrangea, roses, daisies, carnations, calla lilies, or anemones.

Brown Hues

Pantone’s “adobe” and “root beer” shades of brown are typical for fall colors. Brown hues are great accent colors in bouquets. The dark brown insides of sunflowers, as well as decorative sticks, offer a nice contrast to the colorful blooms.

Fall flower arrangements are breathtaking, fresh, and dramatic, and there is no better way to celebrate the season than by having gorgeous fall blooms in your home. A beautiful bouquet of fall flowers will not refresh your home and provide instant style and chic decor, but flowers also boost moods, relax, and spread joy. Do something special for yourself this fall season and order an amazing array of fresh, quality seasonal florals. Find your perfect fall bouquet now!