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Start With These Easy-to-Grow Plants for Plant Success

Surrounding yourself with plants in your home not only spruces up the place, but adds color, cleans the air, and provide mood-boosting benefits. If you know nothing but plants other than you want some in your house, don’t stress! Taking care of plants is not that difficult, especially if you begin with hard-to-kill varieties which we list for you below. Continue reading to discover the best easy to grow plants to add to your home and enjoy the lush and lovely scenery they provide. 

Easy to Grow Pretty Plants

Pothos (Devil’s Ivy)

Pothos is a charming trailing vine plant with average-sized leaves that are dark green or yellow & green variegated. They are most suitable on top of a tall bookshelf or within a hanging planter. They are very hearty and tolerant of most types of environments. They can also survive infrequent waterings. To make sure your pothos thrives, though, place in indirect medium light and water once a week.

Heartleaf Philodendrons

Also called the Sweetheart Plant, this is another trailing plant with rich green, heart-shaped leaves with a natural high shine. There are varieties that have leaves with yellow and green variegated patterns. Adaptable to a variety of lighting conditions, this is an easy to grow starter plant. For maximum growth, place this plant in an area that gets a moderate amount of indirect light and wait for the soil to dry out between waterings. Being mildly toxic, this is a plant to keep away from pets and kids.

Snake Plant

This stunning plant has stiff, sword-like vertical leaves with pointed ends. The leaves are dark green or variegated with an accent of bright yellow edges. The Snake Plant, also known as Mother-in-Law’s Tongue, is very resilient and difficult to kill. It can handle low or bright light and a spotty watering schedule. The Snake Plant is perfect for the bedroom as it’s a great air purifier converting CO2 into oxygen during the night.


For an easy houseplant that is also colorful, the Anthurium plant is a great choice. Its leaves are dark green and heart-shaped with “blooms” consisting of a deep red waxy spathe and a yellow spadix. A simple, low-maintenance plant, the Anthurium does best in bright, indirect light and with waterings every 1-2 weeks. Keep pets away from this plant.

Ponytail Palm

As the name suggests, the Ponytail Palm has long, thin, hair-like leaves that fall down from the top looking like a ponytail. Not actually a palm plant, but rather a succulent, this no-fuss beauty requires very little care. It can tolerate some neglect and actually prefers to be left alone – it’s a great plant for people who do a lot of traveling. They thrive in bright light and need water only when their soil has completely dried out.

ZZ Plant

Another interesting plant which is actually a succulent, the ZZ plant has oval-shaped, green leaves with a waxy shine that grow in abundance from the vertical stems giving this plant a lush look. This plant is nearly indestructible and can survive unfriendly conditions such as low light and drought. Place a ZZ plant anywhere in the home and they will do just fine. However, for best growth, put in an area that gets moderate indirect light and let the soil dry out between waterings.

For additional information on plants for your home, contact Rose Bud Flowers and we’ll be happy to answer all of your plant questions.