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Why Fresh Flowers Are Essential to Hygge

The Danish philosophy of “Hygge” (pronounced “Hoo-guh”) was hugely popular in the U.S. when it was introduced several years ago. However, many people misconstrued Hygge as a design trend, which it is not, but rather an approach to life that is more relevant and necessary today than ever before. 

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Hygge is best described as a feeling – one of contentment, safety, happiness, and coziness. Hygge is brought about by enjoying the small pleasures of life such as reading a good book while wrapped in a blanket drinking tea; watching a crackling fire while sitting next to a loved one holding hands; savoring good food and time with good friends; surrounding yourself with meaningful items that give you joy; and being close to nature by taking a walk in the park, spending time on your back porch, or filling your home with gorgeous fresh flowers. 

“Just living isn’t enough,” said the butterfly, “one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.” – Hans Christian Andersen

Finding happiness and joy in small acts that are meaningful to you is how to achieve hygge. Rather than just going through the motions and living life with little to no joy,  actively pursue those things you know you will get joy from. A great way to jump-start your pursuit of hygge is to surround yourself with beautiful, fragrant flowers and enjoy an instant lift. 

5 Ways to Get Instant Hygge with Flowers 



Flowers On A Mantle Piece In A Vintage Home

Flowers Beautify Our Environment

Picture a dining room table with nothing on it….now picture that same table with a beautiful bouquet of flowers on it. Instant style and beauty, right!? You can do this for any room in your home. Flowers bring a pop of color, fragrance, and natural, stunning beauty wherever you place them. The colors of the flowers also highlight similar colors in the room creating a cohesive, unifying design, and their lovely sweet scent is a natural way to make your home smell good. Fresh florals from a local florist are higher quality than big box store flowers and can last for 2-3 weeks. Brush up on how to care for your fresh flowers to keep them around as long as possible. 


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Flowers Boost Our Mood & Promote Good Feelings

Have you ever seen someone not smile while receiving a bouquet of flowers? Not us. It’s probably impossible as the beauty, fragrance, and uniqueness of fresh flowers always cause joy for the recipient. Whether from the garden or the florist, surrounding yourself with flowers will ensure you receive daily pleasure and joy from them. Not to mention studies have shown that flowers lower stress, produce “feel-good” chemicals in our brain, bolster relationships, improve memory, and up sex appeal.


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Flowers Are Soothing

Flowers are very pretty, and the detail of each petal, color, shape, texture, and composition of each individual flower is awe-inspiring. Just looking upon a bunch of flowers captures our attention and soothes our soul. Their sweet fragrance is relaxing and pleasing. Lean in and inhale their fragrance for a few long seconds and you’ll notice your heart rate has gone down and there’s a joyful smile on your face. We’re pretty sure this is what hygge is all about.


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Flowers & Plants Benefit Our Overall Health

Plants are an important part of hygge, too. Having living greenery in your home is a great way to bring nature inside and refresh your home. Just like flowers, plants benefit our overall well-being in numerous ways. Studies have shown that being around thriving plants enhances concentration, promotes creativity, improves production, lowers stress, and helps promote healing. Not to mention, plants remove toxins from the air leaving you with cleaner air to breathe.


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Flowers Have Their Own Language

Since the beginning of history, flowers have had an important role in nearly every culture. Whether being used for medicine, ointments, in religious ceremonies, or to represent symbolic messages, flowers carry a lot of cultural significance. Greek mythology mentions numerous flowers, particularly in stories explaining their origin. During the Renaissance period, flowers were imbued with religious symbolism and are often seen in the paintings and sculptures of this time. The Victorians took flower meaning to a whole new level as they were used to send secret messages of love and desire. There are many books on the language of flowers, called “floriography,” which are great to read or used as coffee table books, and this is very hygge.



Hygge is most popular during the cold months of winter, but we believe it is something that should be practiced all year round. A great to enjoy flowers throughout the year is to display them in multiple rooms and in interesting ways. For example, deconstruct a spring bouquet of flowers by placing blooms in smaller vases throughout the room. Or, take a few to display in creative containers such as a teapot, mason jar, or decorative ceramic vase. Just remember that hygge is something we should all have in our lives and bringing fresh flowers into your home is a quick and easy way to find joy, contentment, beauty, and pleasure. For all your flower needs, Rose Bud Flowers is here for you.

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