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Honor Her Journey: The Best Flowers to Send On International Women’s Day

Every March 8th, we come together to celebrate International Women’s Day — a day that’s all about spotlighting the awe-inspiring stories of women, the hurdles they’ve overcome, and the challenges still ahead. It’s our time to shout out the women and allies who’ve laid the groundwork for our dreams to become reality and to the community that’s shaped us into who we are today. IWD is painted in the most symbolic colorway: purple for justice and steadfast loyalty, green for endless hope, and white for purity. As a heartfelt way to say “thank you” to the women who have always been by your side, send a stylish bouquet in these symbolic hues from Rose Bud Flowers, the top florist in Mobile. Our experts are even sharing which springtime stems will speak the loudest on IWD!


In the world of flowers, roses stand as a timeless testament to all kinds of love, from romantic partners and family members to friends and role models. Sending roses on IWD to those who have played a pivotal role in your life is a gesture universally cherished across cultures, allowing us to speak the same language through flowers. Of course, one might opt for purple, green, or white roses on IWD for obvious reasons. But don’t forget the symbolism of other rose colors: dark pink for admiration and gratitude, soft yellow for the warmth of friendship, and trendy peach or orange for enthusiasm and thanks.


IWD brings a touch of spring with it, and tulips flawlessly fit in as the poster flowers for fresh starts and new beginnings. Gifting a bunch of these chic tulips on IWD is a stylish way to celebrate someone’s achievements while giving a nod to the amazing things waiting for them around the corner. There are so many varieties of tulips (over 3,000) that you can curate the perfect one-of-a-kind collection to mirror the remarkable women and allies you admire.

Gerbera Daisies

Nothing brings cheerful vibes on IWD, quite like a bunch of gerbera daisies. Their vivid petals with bold and bright hues beautifully speak to the day’s optimism and pure joy. In addition to happiness and positivity, gerbera daisies symbolize purity, perfectly aligning with IWD, the pure intentions of the day, and the contributions of strong women and allies.


Honor the women who inspire positive change with flowers that are as resilient, strong, and beautiful as they are. Peonies have long been a symbol of prosperity, luck, and happiness — and a gift like that will surely keep the fire burning and push us forward in our quest for a brighter world. Choosing peonies for IWD is a vibrant homage to positivity, success, and the progress we all desire.


Orchids, the epitome of versatility, present a stunning spectrum of shapes, colors, and symbolic meanings. We love how their modern tropical flair resonates with a diverse audience that extends beyond the incredible women and allies celebrated on IWD. Whether you opt for a contemporary design or choose to express gratitude with finesse, orchids stand as the perfect choice.

Mimosa Flower

Italian feminists in 1946 chose mimosa flowers as the official flower for IWD, perfectly capturing the essence of strength, sensibility, and sensitivity. With their understated elegance, these blooms resonate deeply with the spirit of IWD. They share a warmth and charm with classic flowers like daisies and accent blooms like wax flowers, goldenrod, alstroemeria, and gold aster. These warm yellow blooms can create a bouquet that radiates joy, friendship, trust, and sisterhood.

Make this IWD meaningful, memorable, and simply gorgeous with the freshest blooms in Mobile at Rose Bud Flowers.

Flowers to Honor International Women's Day